Ashbury Genealogy

Tarvin, Cheshire, England.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASBURY, Edward  1792Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10394
2 ASBURY, Elizabeth  1790Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I7771
3 ASBURY, Elizabeth  1825Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9330
4 ASBURY, Mary  1816Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9328
5 ASHBURY, Betty  1785Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I6724
6 ASHBURY, Elizabeth  1788Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I6718
7 ASHBURY, Hannah  1809Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I6757
8 ASHBURY, Joseph  1803Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I4826
9 ASHBURY, Mary  1785Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I6727
10 ASPBURY, Ann  1790Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I4801
11 ASPBURY, Ann  Abt 1820Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10775
12 ASPBURY, Edward  1787Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I7730
13 ASPBURY, Hannah  1794Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I7832
14 ASPBURY, Mary  1798Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I6167
15 ASPBURY, Mary  1807Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I6754
16 ASTBURY, Ann  1783Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10389
17 ASTBURY, Ann  1823Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9329
18 ASTBURY, Edward  1794Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10372
19 ASTBURY, Edward  1816Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I11879
20 ASTBURY, Edward  1826Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10145
21 ASTBURY, Elizabeth  1786Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10390
22 ASTBURY, Elizabeth  1827Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9895
23 ASTBURY, Elizabeth  1861Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9346
24 ASTBURY, Elizabeth ‘Betsy’  1839Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I11934
25 ASTBURY, George  1823Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10480
26 ASTBURY, George  1835Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9334
27 ASTBURY, George  1850Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10382
28 ASTBURY, Hanna  1827Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10777
29 ASTBURY, Hannah  1799Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10392
30 ASTBURY, Hannah  1834Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9333
31 ASTBURY, Job  1831Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9326
32 ASTBURY, John  1822Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10757
33 ASTBURY, John  1837Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9335
34 ASTBURY, John  10 May 1838Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9899
35 ASTBURY, John  1843Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I11116
36 ASTBURY, Joseph  1802Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9883
37 ASTBURY, Joseph  1818Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9308
38 ASTBURY, Joseph  1825Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10776
39 ASTBURY, Joseph  1829Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9878
40 ASTBURY, Joseph  1851Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I12444
41 ASTBURY, Maria  1803Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10393
42 ASTBURY, Mary  1807Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I11884
43 ASTBURY, May  1845Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I11935
44 ASTBURY, Peter  1779Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I8581
45 ASTBURY, Thomas  1815Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10779
46 ASTBURY, Thomas  1831Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9332
47 ASTBURY, Thomas  1832Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I12072
48 ASTBURY, Thomas  Abt 1848Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9791
49 ASTBURY, Thomas  1850Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I11117
50 ASTBURY, William  1810Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9327

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASBURY, Edward  Abt 1792Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10394
2 ASPBURY, Edward  1875Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I7730
3 ASTBURY, John  1834Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9323


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ASPBURY, Edward  5 Jan 1875Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I7730
2 ASPBURY, Hannah  13 Jan 1832Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I7832
3 ASTBURY, John  5 Jun 1834Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9323
4 ASTBURY, John  24 Mar 1847Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9335
5 ASTBURY, John  4 Oct 1899Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I10757
6 CRAWLEY, William  28 Dec 1835Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I3762
7 LLOYD, Jane  12 Feb 1863Tarvin, Cheshire, England. I9331


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ASBURY / CAMPNESS  4 Feb 1787Tarvin, Cheshire, England. F1378
2 ASPBURY / BRAMWELL  23 Jan 1798Tarvin, Cheshire, England. F2137
3 ASPBURY / BUTLER  8 Sep 1788Tarvin, Cheshire, England. F3424
4 ASTBURY / HASPY  6 Mar 1826Tarvin, Cheshire, England. F7087
5 ASTBURY / ROWLAND  14 Feb 1814Tarvin, Cheshire, England. F7237
6 CRAWLEY / ASPBURY  31 Jan 1814Tarvin, Cheshire, England. F5711